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"Take a look! "
I can see up your nose.
Hello, Gimpling again. Here, on the adoptionz page, you can view all of our adult, and sometimes single kit, Lepies awaiting new homez, and adopt one of your very own. Make sure you read our rulez/termz, and use the form we have provided for you towards the bottom of this page. Thank you. Now take a look!


We have one Lepitaur in need of a home, awaiting adoption, at the moment. Please visit the litterz page to see if there are any other Lepies in need of homez there.

Take a look.

Quillo is a beautiful boy, resembling his father.
Name: Quillo
Sex: Male
Age: Adult
Parentz: Nessa and Yutre
Generation: 3rd
Comments: A beautifully handsome young lad. He is also a very sweet and loving Lepie, but DTK has found no "calling" for him. Thus, he was one of the chosen to be "eliminated"/re-homed. I'm sure if you spend more time with him and get to know him, you will discover what he has to offer; whether it simply be companion, or something other.
Found one?
Found the Lepitaur of your dreams? Copy and fill out the form and send it to us at We will review your application and make our decision based on your, and other applicants', answers. Please be honest when you fill out the form. Thank you! Now apply!
Non-Lepitaur Adoptionz, below. Status-
Non-Lepitaur Adoptionz
Here, below, we have any Non-Lepitaur Adoptionz. Same rules apply for Non-Leppies as per Leppies.
Currently we have one Non-Lepitaur litter available.
Non-Lepitaur Adoptionz, below. Take a look.
VPZ Unicorn x Achihond Crosses POL: Flutterbug

Breedz: VPZ Unicorn and Achihond
Generation: 2nd
# of Offspring in Litter: 5(3 in one, 2 in another; different fathers)
POL: Flutterbug(just look at him, he represents innocence and helplessness to me. Although Goatling is my second favorite; she looks like she can "handle things" a bit more)
~Available: Flutterbug(small and harmless), Goatling(small, not so harmless), Sakido(fine young animal), Shala(interesting combinations)
Adopted: Ristib(has four wings)

  1. You mustn't claim these petz as your own productions(i.e. please do not say that you bred them on your own).
  2. If you feature them on any web page or resident page, please note where they came from(Adopted here at Dragon Theed Kennelz); with a link to our homepage, please.
  3. Please keep DTK as the first prefix in the show name if you plan to enter any competitions(aka DTK/[Your prefix]).
  4. In the adoption form, please note(type "Stitchemz"to show you read all of the rulez/termz) which parentz the pet came from(It's easier for us to track them down, as they often travel, either alone, or with their friendz/families around the area).
  5. Please do not apply for every one of the petz you think are "flashy" or "cute". We need to be informed of the plans and reasons you have for wanting to adopt our precious Lepitaurs.
  6. Use the form we have provided for you, here.

Thank you.

Adoption Form-
Name of pet/z you desire:
What parentz did he/she come from:
Why do you wish to adopt this/ese Lepitaur/s:
Your email:
Your URL(optional):
Did you read the rulez/termz:
Send completed form to