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Wanna' breed?
Hmm.. Tempting... But no.
We offer breeding services with all our Lepitaurs. Please email if you wish to breed any two of our Leps together, or one of your Leps to one of ours here at DTK. Send your Lep, or your choice of two of ours, and any information or notes, and we will breed and send pictures of the kitz for you to choose from. You may have all or a few if you like.

Just click this address to send us your request e-mail, using the form we have provided towards the bottom of this page:

Breeding Service Options-
There are two options for our breeding services-
Option 1-
Choose any two of our resident Lepitaurs to breed together, as long as they are of opposite gender.
Options 2-
Send in any Lepitaur of yours and choose which of our resident Lepitaurs you would like to breed with him/her. Again, as long as they are of opposite gender.
Found one?
  1. Please note, if you plan on presenting your Lep on a site or residentz page, that it was bred to you choice Lep here at DTK. Please also include a link to our homepage.
  2. If you plan to show your Lep in(type "Stitchemz" in rulez) any showz or competitionz, please keep DTK as the first prefix.(i.e. DTK/[Your prefix])

Thank you.

Breeding Service Form-
Which DTK Lep/s:
For What Purpose(Puller, racer, hunter, rider, companion, or generic/don't care):
May we keep or adopt out any of your unchosen kitz:
Your email:
Your URL(optional):
Did you read the rulez/termz:
Send completed form to