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Dragon Theed Kennelz

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Look at me now, Mom! I'm hosting the Home page!
Hello, I'm Nessa, and welcome to Dragon Theedz!

Here at DTK, we'll introduce you to our resident Lepitaurs and offer occasional Lepitaur adoptionz and litterz. On our site you'll see the navigation to my left. Go on and get started looking around. We hope you'll enjoy your visit here at DTK.
Sorry, we are a Petz 5 only kennel. The Lepitaur breed requires Catz.
Oh yes, this is rather our first [actual] website, so bare with us please...
And hello again. I'm Gimpling, that was my daughter Nessa. I'll be accompanying you throughout the rest of the site.
Please get in touch to offer comments or ask questions!

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