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"Have a look! "
Hey, don't look at my tushie!
Gimpling, again. The litterz page is where you are directed if you wish to view our Lepie litterz. Perhaps you'll find the perfect Lepie kit to adopt. Make sure you read our rulez/termz, and use the form we have provided for you towards the bottom of this page. Thank you. Now, go ahead, have a look around the nursery!
You can view each litterz' parentz on the Residentz page.


We have six litterz of Lepitaurs at the moment. Please visit the adoptionz page to see if there are any other Lepies in need of homez there.

Have a look.

Color Key:
Purple= Mother
Navy= Father
Pink= Female
Blue= Male
I Ate Them x Wiley  POL: Dust
Parentz: I Ate Them and Wiley
Generation: 2nd
# of Kittenz in Litter: 4
POL: Dust(for his size)
~Available: Dust, Flourm Smoke, Smokey
Gimpling x Artan POL: Kiyta
Parentz: Gimpling and Artan
Generation: 2nd
# of Kittenz in Litter: 5(2 in one, 3 in another)
POL: Kiyta(for her slenderness)
~Available: Duplyn, Kiyta, N'kay, Skippy, Volantor
Maven x Brynne  POL: Boreanne
Parentz: Maven and Brynne
Generation: 5th
# of Kittenz in Litter: 4
POL: Boreanne(for her coloring and overall look)
~Available: Boreanne, Deanna, Jeanna, Joreanne
Nessa x Yutre POL: Kitaro
Parentz: Nessa and Yutre
Generation: 3rd
# of Kittenz in Litter: 5(4 in one, 1 in another)
POL: Kitaro(for his doofyness)
~Available: Amaishea, Castiron, Desdrea, Kitaro, Matsuri
Pugurus x Snaff POL: Desji
Parentz: Pugurus and Snaff
Generation: 5th
# of Kittenz in Litter: 3
POL: Desji(for her curiosity)
~Available: Desji, Eperoress, Formica
Thidius x Pendragen POL: Glynn
Parentz: Thidius and Pendragen
Generation: 2nd
# of Kittenz in Litter: 4
POL: Glynn(neither parent has white, yet she does)
~Available: Corinthian, Liliah, Glynn, Orojo
Found one?
Found the Lepitaur of your dreams? Copy and fill out the form and send it to us at We will review your application and make our decision based on your, and other applicants', answers. Please be honest when you fill out the form. Thank you! Now apply!


Here, below, there may be Lepitaur hybrid litterz listed for adoption. The same rules for purebred Leppies also apply for Leppie 'bridz.

We have one Lepitaur hybrid litter at the moment. Again, you may check the Residentz page for information on the parentz.

Have a look.

Zendetta x Camelius  POL: Sparky
Required Breedz: Kinkajou (+ Lepitaur)
Parentz: Zendetta and Camelius
Generation: 6th
# of Kittenz in Litter: 3
POL: Sparky(as a kit, he looked like a little puppy dog and his tail is unique to him from his other brotherz)
~Available: Arbese, Creole, Sparky

  1. You mustn't claim these kitz as your own productions(i.e. please do not say that you bred them on your own).
  2. If you feature them on any web page or resident page, please note where they came from(Adopted here at Dragon Theed Kennelz); with a link to our homepage, please.
  3. Please keep DTK as the first prefix in the show name if you plan to enter any competitions(aka DTK/[Your prefix]).
  4. In the adoption form, please note(type "Stitchemz" to show you read all of the rulez/termz) which litter they came from(It's easier for us to track them down, as they travel with their mother's, families, and friends around the area).
  5. Please do not apply for every one of the kitz you think are "flashy" or "cute". We need to be informed of the plans and reasons you have for wanting to adopt our precious baby Lepitaurs.
  6. Use the form we have provided for you, here.

Thank you.

Adoption Form-
Name of baby/ies you desire:
Which litter did he/she come from:
Why do you wish to adopt this/ese Lepitaur child/ren:
Your email:
Your URL(optional):
Did you read the rulez/termz:
Send completed form to